Sell Your Boat

What you can expect from your broker…

Selling your pride and joy is not something you do every day. When you’re selling, it’s important to be fully informed and plan each step carefully.

Exceptional communication with buyers and sellers with all offers brought to the sellers for consideration.

An Ensign broker is trained to act in a professional manner, allowing potential buyers to commence negotiations based on their own due diligence. Your Ensign broker negotiates many contracts per week, so just like a top sports person they are always in training and on their game.

An Ensign broker will recommend the most appropriate pre-sale preparations for your vessel including marina dock presence, professional detailing, servicing and documentation record collection. Recommendations on the interior presentation including pillows and bed linen, cleanliness and operation of TV’s and sound systems, appliances and small things that make a difference like light globe replacement show the attention to detail that Ensign are renowned for. First impressions are often the make or break in a purchase and our broker will define the very best methods for presentation.

An Ensign broker will work with you to prepare the best marketing description and photos that will showcase your vessel in the marketplace.

Your broker will recommend any additional marketing packages that will enhance your vessels chances of catching a buyers eye and placing your vessel in front
of the maximum number of buyers.

Your Ensign broker will speak to you at least every fortnight and detail the latest enquiry levels, inspections, market feedback, prospective buyer profiles and negotiations underway. Importantly every offer will be presented in writing for your consideration.

Your Ensign broker will discuss and recommend the correct agency agreement to suit your outcome which will protect your asset being mishandled by other agents
in the marketplace. Ensign protects the vendor from uncertain outcomes at settlement by providing the seller with a specification sheet which the vendor can clearly identify the gear and accessories that do or don’t come with the vessel at handover.

Listing Your Boat with Ensign Yacht Brokers

There are a few ways to list your boat with Ensign. To begin with you can fill out the form below to give us the general specs of your boat. Please ensure that all fields are filled out before submitting the form.

Once you’ve submitted that form, one of our brokers will call you to follow up with any other information, such as photos and inspections.

Alternatively, you can contact any of our brokers directly by phone or email